Lead Faculty

The curriculum by the ICPO Academy for Theranostics has been developed under the guidance of its President, Prof. Richard P. Baum, world leader and pioneer in Nuclear Medicine and Radiomolecular Precision Oncology, together with prominent Pillar Leaders, international experts in their respective field, namely Prof. Vikas Prasad, Prof. Thomas Beyer, Prof. Frank Rösch, Linda Gardner and Josh Mailman. Thanks to their extensive cumulated knowledge and experience as well as personal dedication, they have crafted an exclusive and comprehensive online educational programme that engages over 30 carefully selected Faculty to cover each of the teaching units.

Prof. Richard P. Baum

„I was involved in this process over more than two decades, and I had many visitors coming from all over the world trying to get experience in that new field in nuclear medicine, in the different areas, in Radiochemistry, in medical physics, but mainly, of course, in the medical oncology field, which we now called Radio Molecular Precision oncology or RPO. But the main focus is our patients we are treating.“

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Prof. Dr. Vikas Prasad

„You should be joining the ICPO Academy and doing this course because, let us not forget, cancer is such an advanced and highly intelligent disease. Sometimes I say that is actually when we deal with cancer, we should be treating these cancers as if they are a different species living in our own body. You must first of all understand how you should select the patients and how you should guide your treatment options […].“

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Prof. Thomas Beyer

„I’m an imaging physicist by background, and I really like engaging in this academy for the main reason that it’s one of the opportunities for a physicist to really bring something good in particular to patients. […] we can see in a short turnaround how our expertise and experience can benefit patient’s life.

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Prof. Dr. Frank Rösch

„The basic questions are – what are the radioactive emissions originating from the radioisotope? So, we will discuss the origin and the properties of these two radiations electromagnetic for diagnostic applications and PET-CT and particular radiation for therapy.“

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Linda Gardner

„I work as a therapy nurse in an educational institution. We will be following the patient through the very first treatment all the way through the end. I want to share with you some educational tips that I find essential for the patient’s journey.”

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Josh Mailman

„I am a patient, so I’m going to be referring to my own case and some of my own decisions as well. I’m going to talk about decision making challenges that your patients face and that you should know about.”

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